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Folhas tropicais



Water as the integrator of catching impacts from forest harvesting practices

Definition of forest restoration strategies aimed at water conservation and aquatic ecosystems in the Piracicaba basin

Hydrological processes and nitrogen transport in watersheds with forest cover and pasture on the northern coast of the State of São Paulo

Assessment of critical stretches of forest roads

The role of forest remnants in the ecosystem functions of headwaters and maintenance of water quality in agricultural microbasins

Hydrological responses to the management of planted forests through paired watersheds

Impact of climate change on the hydrobiogeochemistry of two small contributing basins of the Cantareira System in an area served by a payment program for environmental services

Monitoring of streams at the Experimental Station of Forest Sciences of Itatinga (EECF Itatinga) of ESALQ/USP

Impact of climate change on the water regime of streams in southeastern Brazil

Trade-offs between biodiversity conservation, ecosystem service provision and economic development in tropical forests

Eco-hydrological functions of riparian forests in landscape agricultural management intensity gradients

Environmental monitoring network in experimental watersheds

Galhos de árvore

Evaluation of the water response of different forest typologies of the
Atlantic Forest biome as a function of evapotranspiration

Galhos de árvore

Effects of composition and seasonality of riparian vegetation in
Atlantic Forest in soil water balance

Galhos de árvore

Impact of climate change on the water regime of streams in the
southeastern Brazil

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