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Folhas tropicais


Forest management

landscape dynamics

Conservation of water and ecosystem services

Ecology of riparian environments

Basin planning

The Forest Hydrology Laboratory (LHF) integrates  the Department of Forest Sciences of the Higher School of Agriculture "Luiz de Queiroz" (ESALQ). Its emergence is linked  to the beginnings of research in microbasins and to the  Cooperative Program on Monitoring and Modeling of Hydrographic Basins (PROMAB) of the Forest Research and Studies Institute (IPEF) , in the early 1990s, leveraged by Professor  Dr. Walter de Paula Lima and his line of research in Forest Hydrology.  From 2008, with the arrival of Professor Dr. Silvio Frosini de Barros Ferraz ,  Landscape Ecology and Hydrological Modeling were  entered as transverse search lines in the LHF.  

Currently, the LHF is  mission to contribute to the understanding of the relationship between forests and water, as well as  how forest management can influence these relationships.

In search of this understanding, the LHF develops studies to identify the effects of forestry activities on the hydrological functioning of microbasins. These studies also involve monitoring and improving hydrological indicators that serve as a reference in the search for good management.

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