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Doctoral project

Multi-scale evaluation of the effects of mosaic clearcutting under the flow regime of streams in reforestation areas

The best clear-cut planning has the potential to reduce the impacts of forest management, and in this proposal the main objective is to evaluate water production in different clear-cut scenarios in Eucalyptus reforestations. Two approaches will be used in the study: rainfall-runoff simulations (distributed GSSHA model) and flow permanence curve simulations (FCFC model) in different cutting scenarios.


Silvio Frosini de Barros Ferraz



Closed projects

Master's degree  (07/2012  - 01/2015)

Use of mosaic clear-cutting to reduce hydrological effects on planted forests

Professional Practice (03/2012 - 07/2012)

Studies in forest hydrology, climate change and modeling

Internship (02/2011 - 03/2012)

Spatial distribution of Eucalyptus species in the face of climate change


Silvio Frosini by Barroz Ferraz

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