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Cecília Gontijo Leal
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Doctoral project

Dynamics of aquatic ecosystems in the era of global change: biodiversity and functioning of streams in the Espinhaço Range as a study model

The project's main objectives are to i) investigate how multiple human impacts affect biotic communities in streams, and ii) determine the contribution of different components of biodiversity to the functioning of these ecosystems. The project is being carried out in the Espinhaço Range, having an experimental bias, focusing on taxonomic and functional aspects of fish and invertebrate groups, as well as on primary productivity and decomposition processes. It is expected that this project will bring direct impacts to the knowledge of the complex relationship between anthropic activities, alteration of biodiversity and the functioning of aquatic ecosystems. 
Status: In progress; Nature: Research


Silvio Frosini de Barros Ferraz



Folhas tropicais
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