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Gabriel Lourenço Brejão

Doctoral project

Relationships between the deforestation process and fish diversity patterns in streams in the Western Amazon 

The use of deforestation history in conjunction with the current landscape structure increases the power of analysis to assess the ecological effects of deforestation and, possibly, different trajectories of the process must be affecting the composition and functioning of fish communities. In order to understand how the historical process of deforestation interfered in the current patterns of fish diversity, two hypotheses emerge: (1.) There is a functional erosion of the studied communities as a result of the deforestation process, and (2.) Deforestation on a regional scale determines the structure of the local community.


Lilian Casatti (Unesp - São  José  from Rio Preto)


Silvio Frosini de Barros Ferraz

David Hoeinghaus (University of North Texas)



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