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Assessment of conditions in tropical riparian zones using the "Blue Targeting Tool (BTT)" protocol

Period: from 05/2021 (in progress)

Directed by: Gabriel Oliveira Ferraz

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Silvio Frosini de Barros Ferraz

Co-advisor: Dr. Aline Aparecida Fransozi

Members: Cecília Gontijo Leal, Felipe Rossetti de Paula, Gabriel L. Brejão, Gláucia Regina Santos, Linnéa Jägrud, Matheus EK Ogasawara.

Financing: no financing.

Description: Based on the adapted version of BTT for Brazilian territory and in comparison with another already consolidated protocol, the project aims to capture and understand the evaluative capacity of environmental protocols in the characterization of tropical riparian zones, against the already consolidated parameters of the quality of Brazilian riparian ecosystems.

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