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Marcos Correa Meyer Moran

Projects carried out at LHF:

Spring monitoring and diagnosis on the “Luiz de Queiroz” campus
as a complementary practice to teaching in the area of Basin Management 

Monitoring of physical-chemical parameters in a spring present in a forest restoration area on the "Luiz de Queiroz" campus with the objective of evaluating the sanitary condition of the water.

Period:  2019-2020

Coordinator:  Prof. Dr. Silvio Ferraz

Members:  Marcos Corrêa Meyer Morán, Lucas Scardini Moretto Funding : USP - Unified Scholarship Program


Basin occupation model for the production of ecosystem services
in spring areas of SP

Creation of an ecological zoning model through the use of geotechnologies targeting priority areas for the production and conservation of natural resources in micro-basins of capture for urban centers. Use of Geoprocessing, Excel, website and video development.

Period:  2020-2021

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Silvio Ferraz 
Members: Marcos Corrêa Meyer Morán, Gabriel Oliveira Ferraz, Raissa Sartori
Martins dos Santos, Davi Faiani D'Lippi

Funding:  Santander Program - USP Public Policies (USP Municipalities)


Litter hydrological function in Cerrado-Mata transition area

Evaluation and quantification of litter water retention capacity in  areas under forest restoration of different ages for scientific knowledge in the area of Forest Hydrology.

Period:  2021-2022

Coordinator:  Prof. Dr. Silvio Ferraz


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