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Maria Jose Brito Zakia

Training and performances

He holds a degree in Forest Engineering from the University of São Paulo (1980), a Master's in Forest Resources from the University of São Paulo (1986) and a PhD in Environmental Engineering Sciences from the University of São Paulo (1998). She was a Researcher and Consultant at the Institute for Forestry Research and Studies (IPEF) and at the Brazilian Society of Silviculture, as well as an Accredited Professor at the Postgraduate Program in Forest Resources at the University of São Paulo DE 2001 TO 2006. From January 2005 to January 2009 she was employee of Votorantim Celulose e Papel (VCP), in the environmental areas and after the socio-environmental relationship. She is currently a Consultant in the socio-environmental area (Práxis Assessoria Socioambiental), an Advisor at the Institute of Forestry Research and Studies where she coordinates the Working Group to Support Public Forest Policies (GTPP) and participates in the technical staff of the Environmental Monitoring Program in microbasins (PROMAB) . Guest professor at the Professional Master's Program at the School of Environmental Conservation and Sustainability (ESCAS-IPE).

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